Klypi (pronounced like the Windows paper clip office assistant) is the “pop-star” avatar of AC Carter, a multi-disciplinary artist from Birmingham, AL. Klypi is part electropop - part performance art. Now living in LA and signed to Lolipop Records, Klypi released their first self-produced EP in June 2023 and plans for a full LP in fall of 2024.

Klypi is described as an alien who’s trapped on Earth and recognizes that the only way to survive as a human is to become a successful businessman (as well as to learn how to tackle a wide range of human emotions and experiences). Isolation and unrequited love are just a couple of themes that run through Klypi’s work.

What does it take to "make it"? What is capitalism, and why does money matter? I feel something for you, but is it a deeper connection or do I just need to throw-up?

Previously, Klypi released their debut record titled Consensual Hits through Orlando-based Goth Label Popnihil in 2021, and has toured the East Coast in Summer/Fall 2022 and Summer 2023. Klypi has been reviewed by God Is In The TV, Pinstripe Magazine, WOTT, WUSSY MAG, Immersive, and others.

Performing as other aliases, AC has opened for artists such as Molly Nilsson, Girlpool, Of Montreal, and Jennifer Vanilla, and has performed at festivals such as Big Ears, Secret Stages, and Athens Popfest.