One of DIY’s most understated underdogs in the race for pop success, Klypi is an artist whose distress with isolation, inability to find love, and both self-inflicted and superimposed abuse comes at a stark contrast with the power and confidence displayed by their musical contemporaries.  As timid as Klypi may seem, they really are brave for allowing themselves to be their true self.  

Klypi currently lives in Los Angeles, California, but previous between Nashville, TN and Athens, GA. They perform and write pop music: described as manic, emotional, and mundanely dystopic.  It’s like a kid who sees only a futile future, just a huge mess, so what’s the point in trying? To work with what you’ve got? Maybe it’s through the simple things: like eating a PB and J with a Miller High Life, maybe it’s a quicky in a Quik Trip bathroom on your way back home from introducing your queer partner to your disapproving parents.

Under alternate aliases, Klypi has opened for artists such as Molly Nilsson, Shitkid, Girlpool, and of Montreal, as well as performing alongside Jennifer Vanilla, RaFia, and Taylor ALXNDR.  Additionally, they have performed at festivals such as Big Ears, Secret Stages, and Athens Popfest.

Klypi also curated Ad•verse, a festival for solo and duo performers cross-genre, as well as makes art in a variety of forms: like garment design for the music video “I’m Fine”, and 3D animation in “Get Over You”.  They just graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from UGA.