CONSENSUAL HITS - Debut Klypi  Album 

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Klypi is AC Carter, diy pop artist out of Nashville, TN, who performs music that sounds like if Kesha were from the ‘80s and if Nine Inch Nails were queer. Touring the east coast in 2018 and 2019, they opened for artists Molly Nilsson, of Montreal, Algiers, Jennifer Vanilla, Girlpool, and Shitkid, and performed at festivals such as Big Ears, Secret Stages, and Athens Popfest.

A 2020 University of Georgia MFA Fine Arts Graduate, Klypi is also a visual artist and has made garments for of Montreal’s music video “Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption”, and for Jennifer Vanilla’s performance at MoMA PS1. Additionally, they have produced a number of performance events, including Ad•verse, a musical festival which focused attention on LGBTQ+ artists. Currently, Klypi is preparing to release a full length album with trans artist/ producer Precious Child in 2021 titled Consensual Hits.


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*prior to 2020, Klypi performed as Lambda Celsius

“elf house and synth blop music” Dale Jakes, PASTE

"suggests innocence and youth, a disciple of Peter Pan, ageless and virginal” Lee Adcock, Immersive ATL

“a gracious cinematic representation [...] a taste of pop to come” Sunni Johnson, WUSSY MAG

“[Get Over You is] a pulsing synthpop jam infused with elements of '80s goth and queer futurism” William Tomer, The 405

“deeply rhythmic, heavily heady music” Gordon Lamb, Flagpole

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